3-Day Fuimus Cup at Oaklands Today

The Fuimus Cup at Oaklands is an exciting annual polo tournament to be held over 3 days from the 28 to 30 October 2016. The Tully family will host players from across South Africa, Europe, and the United Kingdom and are sure to have their unique kind of hospitality on display. Expect good food, captivating entertainment, and a little bit of the arts.
The event has been around ever since the eccentric English aristocrat Sir Hervey James Hugh Bruce Clifton walked the expansive property in 1995. He had bought Oaklands with the intention to turn this lush landscape into a polo resort for his friends to enjoy when visiting beautiful South Africa.

Success in the Drakensberg

We have achieved great success through this initiative as it has been a set fixture of the South African Polo Association calendar for many years and is an anticipated event by both local and international players alike.
We recently spoke to Robert Adams, an Oaklands devotee from England who simply can’t resist the spectacular Drakensberg area, so much that he keeps coming back year after year. Impressed with the tournament’s success he says, “ Sir Bruce would be proud of the legacy he left behind”.

The Teams

The tournament is about as old as the new South Africa and the faces on the field are a wonderful reflection of that. With 10 teams having players from various parts of the world, there is no shortage of star sportsman with great potential from the immediate community. These young people are trained and assisted by all the devoted people living and working on the property.polo-cup-body
Robert is excited over our local talent. Not compelled to hedge his bets, he picks a favourite, “Donono will grow up and become a two goal player, destined to play for South Africa.”
Visit Oaklands over the next few days to pick your favourite player on the polo field.