A Romantic Valentine’s Day at Oaklands

Roses are red, Valentine’s Day, too! Here are some romantic things at Oaklands for you and your beau to do.
With its picturesque location, the Drakensberg makes the perfect breakaway for a Valentine’s Day holiday. Far away from the city lights, the area offers uninterrupted starry skies and spectacular views of the vast landscape. It literally does all the work for you as far as setting the tone goes. All you need to do is pack your car up and set off with your better half towards this ‘undisclosed’ destination (because we all love surprises, right?).
Luckily, Oaklands Country Manor is set in the middle of this magical location. Let us count the ways you can treat yourself and that special someone to a romantic getaway amidst the beauty of nature.

Happiness Rock

As much as Valentine’s Day is all about romance, it’s also a happy occasion. What better way to spend a portion of it on a peak aptly titled Happiness Rock? This perch, only minutes from Oaklands Country Manor, offers breath-taking views of the valley surrounding the Drakensberg.
There are two ways to ascend this peak – either a short hike (for the adventure-loving couples) or a horse ride (for the super lovey-dovey). Once you’re safely on your elevated perch, enjoy a relaxing sip of bubbly while the sun goes down. Prefer sunrises? Add a bit of OJ to your champers for an early morning treat.

Horse Riding Romantics

“Did I read horse riding?!” Yes, you did! Oaklands Country Manor is also home to world-class riding facilities. In addition to that of Happiness Rock, we offer a wide range of rides, including the Escarpment Ride (with the great Drakensberg itself acting as a spectacular host), and the Vlei Ride (a tour of the rustic village and dam, also beautiful bird-watching locations – imagine the symphony of twittering in the background). Find out more

A Valentine’s Day Picnic

Fancy a romantic nibble? Our well-trained horses can also whisk you away to a secluded picnic. Simply enquire about it when booking your horse riding meander and it can be arranged at an additional cost.
Not only are roses and all Valentine’s Day tinged red, but also your beau’s face when they are gifted with any of the above magical getaways. Take your pick and book your stay today!