A Vital Living Detox Retreat at Oaklands

Looking to relax, feel lighter and gain new energy? The Vital Living Detox Retreat at Oaklands will set you on a clean path to mind-body wellness.
Venue: Oaklands Country Manor
Check In: 22 May 2016, at 14:30
Check Out: 27 May 2016, at 10:30

Detox in the Drakensberg

We’re a quarter of the way through 2016 and your ‘new year, new you’ healthy resolutions are packed away along with your barely-used juicer? Make up for lost time while on a Drakensberg holiday with our five-day health and wellness package. Loaded with plant-based nutrition, relaxing massage and therapy sessions, and lessons in sustainable health practices, it’s the perfect way to kick-start your lean, green and clean lifestyle.

Lessons in Health and Wellness

Under the guidance of the programme’s certified health and wellness trainers, you’ll leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and confident in your ability to make healthier choices at home.
Jane Boyle is a local colon hydrotherapist certified through RICTAT (Register of Interactive Colon Therapists and Trainers), and a founding member of GPACT (Global Professional Association of Colon Hydrotherapists).
Paula Smith is a massage therapist and reflexologist specialising in a combination of massage techniques such as Swedish, reflexology, sports, shiatsu, trigger point and lymphatic massage.
Deborah Sutherland is a reflexologist, nutritional practitioner and fermenter who specialises in facilitating natural health and wellbeing through educational programs.
Nina Gough is trained in both Kundalini, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, and Ashtanga Yoga techniques. Her classes use breathwork, meditation and nutritions to detox negative thoughts and emotions stored in the body.

A Tailored Detox Retreat for Vital Living

Your body’s needs are unique to you. That’s why the Vital Living Detox Retreat has been designed so that you programme is personalised for your individual requirements. Based on the information you provide, a meal plan and schedule of bodywork therapies will be created specifically for you.

The Vital Living Detox Programme

Upon completing registration, you will receive a pre-detox programme to carry out the week before the retreat. Upon arrival, you will be guided through the detox process with gentle dietary change and therapies, which include the following:

Daily Meals

  • Fermented foods and beverages
  • Nutrient-rich vegetable juices
  • Healthy snack boxes
  • Herbal fibre blends, probiotic drinks and herbal teas


Bodywork Therapies and Activities

  • 2 x Colonic irrigation sessions
  • 2 x Massage therapy sessions
  • 1 x Reflexology session
  • Meditation and breathing techniques
  • Yoga
  • Nature walks in the Oaklands estate

Additional Support

  • Daily health monitoring and support
  • Blood pressure readings
  • 3 x Urine alkaline tests

Upon completion, you will receive a snack pack for your return trip home and a post-detox parcel to support your new lifestyle, which includes a fully comprehensive manual on the week’s learnings and a transitional eating plan with meal and drink recipes.

Vital Living Detox Retreat Prices

The price below includes the detox programme as well as accommodation in one of the following Oaklands suites. Prices vary according to accommodation options.

Clifton Suites

Single R11,820 | Sharing R10,320

Garden Suites

Single R13,620 | Sharing R12,120

Bruce Suites

Single R14,820 | Sharing R13,320

Register for the Retreat

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