A Warm, Autumn Wedding at Oaklands

While the weather may be cooling down, autumn is, nonetheless, full of warm colours. And what could be a warmer occasion than getting married? This makes autumn a go-to season for tying the knot…

Securing the Perfect Autumn Venue

So you’ve recently gotten engaged! Congratulations! Now it’s swiftly onto the wedding planning. Experts say that it’s ideal to book your wedding venue at least one year in advance. So if you want a poignant autumn wedding, now is a better time than ever to beat other couples to the chapel and book a venue.

Benefits of an Autumn Wedding

Winter, spring, summer or fall? Many people would shy away from a winter wedding at the sheer thought of the cold. Who wants to be frumpy in layers of clothes in their wedding album? A graceful occasion calls for graceful attire and, thus elegant whether is a must.
On the other hand there is summer. But South African summers can be rather sweltering (the bride’s up do will sweat out before you can say, “Ice water, please!”) Let’s not forget summer coincides with the holiday season, which means many of your friends and family might be travelling on vacation.
This leaves spring and autumn at one’s disposal. Spring is all good and well so long as you’re not allergy prone and love pastel and bright colours. We love them too. But autumn has a warm intimacy that no other season can vie with. And what is a wedding but the warmest occasion (aside from having children) that a person will experience in their lifetime?
Here are a few reasons why Oaklands Country Manor makes the perfect autumn wedding location…

Autumn at Oaklands

In autumn, the lower Drakensberg is usually bespeckled with pink, white and velvet red cosmos blossoms. Waist high, these flowers make the cut as far as backdrops go, adding a spectacular hue to wedding photos. Proteas are also a common sight in the higher areas lending their large florets to photo opportunities.
As far as weather goes, the Drakensberg is at its most pleasant from April to May. During this period, the weather is quite stable with few rains and bearable temperatures. So no sweating or freezing will be experienced.
Planning an autumn wedding? Book your venue today.