Achieve Personal Excellence with Etsko Schuitema

Looking to improve your personal and professional lives? With Etsko Schuitema’s Personal Excellence Programme, you can realise this goal in as little as 5 days… or at least be well on your way to achieving it after attending this course.
Oaklands Country Manor, Free State
16 March – 20 March 2015
1 June – 5 June 2015
3 August – 7 August 2015
7 September – 11 September 2015
19 October – 23 October 2015

Personal and Professional Side of Leadership

The Personal Excellence Programme looks at leadership from a self-mastery point of view with a strong focus on maximising one’s impact on life in the workplace. This inside-out approach aims to cultivate the inner strength and emotional stability required to effectively handle events and circumstances in one’s personal and professional lives.

Real Leaders Develop Trust

One of the key problems facing leaders in the workplace is getting those they lead to imbue them with power and accept their authority. The personal Excellence Programme helps leaders overcome this through ‘Care and Growth,’ a universal leadership theme of mutual service (ie. helping each other). This works on the premise that trust is only gained once leaders care for and grow those under their management.
Furthermore, if, as a leader, one is not in charge of one’s own life, they will not be viewed as capable of taking that of another person into their own hands either. This is where cultivating inner strength and emotional stability comes into play.

Striving toward Personal Excellence

The Personal Excellence Programme explores four main topics – namely, maturation, transactional correctness, seeing things as they are, and growth. These, respectively, address maturity as the cultivation of attention and using it optimally; the balancing effect of inner and outer correctness,
During the course, you will become self-aware, learning how you think and perceive the world as well as how others perceive you. You’ll also learn how to visualise an effective way forward and better communicate with those you lead.
Course fee: R24,000 (includes bed and breakfast, light refreshments and dinner.)
Take advantage of this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a mind-expanding programme amidst the peace and seclusion of Oaklands Country Manor. Book today!