Companion Planting from A to C…

Going for a nature vs. nurture gardening approach? Reap the rewards with the permaculture principle of companion planting, without having to get too dirty! Here’s our guide…

You’re my Companion. Help me Plant!

And by companion we don’t mean in enlisting the help of your friends or better half in your gardening endeavours. Rather, planting plants that help each other out by keeping pests at bay or encouraging growth. But with over 422,000 plant species in the world, one would surely beg the question, “Which plants are friends with each other and which are foes?”

About that Companion Planting Guide…

So we’ve had our fair share of wordiness – onto the stuff you came here for! Here is what you should plant with each other…

Asia’s Aubergine

Bet you didn’t know that! This purple veg loves green beans, peppers and potatoes. We’re sure there are a few recipes where aubergine and his companions work well together.

Robust Basil

“I love mosquitoes!” said no sane person ever. Keep them out of your garden – and hopefully out of your home with basil. This sweet and savoury herb is super-versatile in the garden as it is in your food and can be planted with most plants.

Earthy Beetroot

While it serves no purpose beyond the garden (except consuming them of course), beetroot does lend a helping hand to broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, chard and onions.

Blooming Broccoli

Apart from being chummy with beetroot, broccoli also gets on well with onions, carrots, dill, mint, rosemary and sage. What a herbaceous head!

Crunchy Carrots

When not hanging out with their friend Broc, carrots can be seen hanging merrily with chives, rosemary, potatoes, leeks, lettuce, peas, and onions.
You see what just happened there? Beetroot, broccoli, carrots are like three peas in a tripod on the companion planting scene, with the onion as a mutual friend. You’ll notice more similarities as this companion planting list expands.
Psst… Good news! Part 2 is out – have a look!