Exercise in the Open Outdoors at Oaklands

Planning your New Year’s resolutions? So are we! In 2015, the Oaklands team hopes to get fit and stay healthy.
And with exercise ranking one of the top three New Year’s resolutions around the world, we’re pretty sure you’re thinking along the same lines. If you are, why not take your exercise regimen to the outdoors?

The Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

You can’t go wrong with exercising in the outdoors! For one, it’s cheap. Unlike going to the gym, Mother Nature doesn’t require membership to participate. Exercise equipment is also just once off and you’ll always have access. Outdoor exercise gives you the freedom to do so wherever and whenever – even to the tune of cicadas under the moonlight. And the outdoors is beautiful!
Let’s not forget fresh air. You can gym it, but remember that these spaces usually have air conditioning that recirculates air. It may feel like it’s fresh, because it’s cooler, but, alas, it is not. In fact, air doesn’t get any fresher than that of the mountainside. Come and take advantage of the outdoors at Oaklands’ Drakensberg location. Apart from the above perks, there’s also a range of fun fitness actives for the whole family.

Exercising the Oaklands Way

We at Oaklands tend to get our cardio on through a wide range of outdoor activities. If you fancy exercise, but not the monotony of it all, cycling and hiking offer a good sweat as well as visual entertainment. The scenery at Oaklands is rather spellbinding. The surrounding areas have a wide range of trails shared by both cyclists and hikers.
In need of an upper body workout? Take in the scenes from a water tube or canoe while giving your arms and shoulders some conditioning. And when you’re tired, sit back, relax and you take a breather. The great part about being in the middle of a lake is there’s no quitting…or you simply don’t get back to shore!
You’d be surprised at how much of a workout horse riding offers, as well. Not only do your legs get exercise, but so does your upper body. This is because you have to have a strong core to stay of the saddle. Horse riding is a great way to tone the muscles in your torso.
Let Oaklands help you stay lean and green (in the outdoors) this 2015.