Four Reasons to Eat In Season

Tucked away in the Drakensberg foothills, Oaklands Country Manor is no stranger to the abundance of the great outdoors – from the views right down to the food. The fertile soil of our superb location has allowed us to run our very own garden – a beautiful and rare gift.
We let our most frequent visitors – the seasons – guide our palates. This means that our quality produce is always fresh and full of health-giving nutrients. But did you know there is more to a perfectly formed piece of fruit than meets the eye?
Here are some reasons why it’s a good idea to eat in season, and why you’ll want to do so at Oaklands Country Manor.

Eat In Season for the Environment

Situated in the heart of nature, where would Oaklands Country Manor be without it? Eating locally means that the need to transport produce is removed. Thus, fewer carbon emissions are created.

Quality, Freshness and Affordability

Eating out of season, on the other hand, means that foods have to be imported from parts of the world that are currently experiencing the right growing conditions. The travel time not only diminishes the food’s quality but also increases the price.
Oaklands Country Manor prides itself on delivering on quality and freshness at a reasonable price.

Good for your Health and Taste Buds

The fresher our food is, the more nutrient-rich and tastier it is. So growing our food locally means that it still has all its healthy goodness – something that eating out of season foods doesn’t offer.
All our products – pickles, preserves, relishes and more – are also homemade, which means they’re free from preservatives and GMOs.

Support the Local Economy

Empowering the surrounding communities is just as important as supporting the planet. That’s why whatever we can’t grow in our garden, we source from local producers. The Van Reenen area is home to a host of farmers, including wine, cheese, meat, etc.
With healthy eating being top of mind for many of us nowadays, Oaklands Country Manor is lucky to be located far from the hustle and bustle of grocery stores.
Stop by for a visit and get a taste of the countryside… Contact us today.