Fuimus Cup Polo Weekend 2015

Polo fans, dust off your riding boots and get ready to saddle up! It’s almost time for our annual Fuimus Cup polo event and you are cordially invited!
Venue: Oaklands Country Manor
Start Date: 9 October 2015
End Date: 11 October 2015

Polo in the Drakensberg

Join Oaklands Country Manor for three days of non-stop polo action under the Drakensberg sun during our annual Fuimus Cup Weekend. With a mountain as your backdrop, not only will this fast paced game exhilarate you, but also the natural surrounds.
Boasting a regulation-size polo arena, our facilities are world-class, riding equipment is top quality and horses are professionally trained. And should the weather not hold up, as in previous years, the field at Oaklands Country Manor is protected, ensuring that no match is hindered. A game in our polo arena will not disappoint!

About the Fuimus Cup

The Fuimus Cup leapt to a galloping start in 2008 when then owner Sir Harvey James Bruce-Clifton wished to celebrate his family lineage through the prestigious polo sport. A direct descendant of Robert de Bruce, the first King of Scotland, and William the Conqueror, Sir Harvey thought it would be fitting for the family crest to play a uniting role between the polo tournament and their legacy on the battlefield. Hence, the Fuimus Cup was born.
Battlefield would become polo arena, swords mallets and instead of heads rolling, vied for a wooden ball. And so the 949-year-old family crest Fuimus – which means “we have been (rulers)” – was brought back to life.

Let Oaklands Accommodate You

Planning on staying for the whole Fuimus Cup Polo Weekend? Despite your love for horses, we’re sure you wouldn’t want to sleep with them in the stables. Wouldn’t that be a sight! Why not book a stay in one of the suites at Oaklands Country Manor. Our beds are cosy, rooms are spacious and service is top class.
Experience one of the world’s oldest and fastest games in one of South Africa’s most breathtaking areas. Enter your polo team in the Fuimus Cup Polo Weekend today.