Hot Air Ballooning in the Drakensberg

Cold weather and snow-capped mountains make the perfect conditions for hot air ballooning. And the Drakensberg is the perfect locale for all three…

A Warming Hot Air Balloon Ride

Staying warm is always top of mind when heading outdoors on a brisk winter’s day. That’s why we rate hot air ballooning is the perfect winter outing – you can escape from cabin fever and stay warm all at the same time. And with your head being right below the balloon-filling line of fire, it might be a good idea to leave your hat at home. Or you might run the risk of overheating.

A Snow-Capped View from Above

As luck would also have it, the Drakensberg was recently privy to snowfall, which means snow-capped mountains! Now imagine being able to experience this majestic traverse from high above on a regular day? With a white blanket, it’s quite an enchanting sight!

Hat Overboard!

Should you decide to bring a hat along for the nippy trip to and from the hot air balloon, remember to tether it as well as any other belongings to your body. Last thing you want is for your hat, camera, cellphone, etc to go overboard.

Lace Up Your Floating Shoes

Not that you really need shoes for flying (is that even a thing?) You do need shoes that you won’t mind getting dirty, though. Most hot air ballooning adventures begin and end in a field. And if you’re taking off before sunrise, chances are the earth will be dewy which means mud.

Drakensberg Sunrises

Try to schedule your hot air balloon ride for the early morning. With the sun creeping up over the horizon and mountain peaks, you won’t regret having to wake up at unsavoury hours. You will be in complete awe of the morning’s stillness, broken only by the sound of the flame filling the balloon. Don’t forget to pack your sunnies – you’ll be facing that golden orb head-on as it rises.
With spring around the corner, you’ll want to get your hot air ballooning trip booked before the snowcaps melt.