Journey South Africa with Oaklands Travel

Hate the journey, but love the destination? With our new, in-house travel department, experiencing South Africa is as easy as showing up. Our expert team of travel planners will handle all your leisure travel arrangements for you.

Bye, Anxiety. Hello, Travel Planner.

For most of us, planning a trip goes something like this: choose a destination, book a flight, book accommodation, then fret fret fret about the details – like, did I choose the right check-in date at the hotel? And what with the wealth of vacation-planning tools and tips online, getting a handle on what is right for you can be pretty daunting. Luckily, with an in-the-know travel planner by your side, you can relinquish such tasks and experience zen before you even set foot on that spa retreat.


Benefits of Oaklands’ Travel Planners

Knowledge: Our travel planners have a wealth of information – not only about locations, but the best ways of getting there and the top things to do when you arrive. They also know how to make it as stress-free as possible.

Experience: Like most professionals, Oaklands’ travel planners eat, sleep and breathe travel. They have experienced several destinations and activities in throughout South Africa and come with tried-and-tested tips and tricks that can help save you time and money and may allow you to see things you might not have found on a Google search.

Personalised Service: Our travel planners are here to listen to your needs, wants and dreams to make your perfect holiday a reality. We take this information to tailor an experience that is best-suited for you and the type of trip you are taking at the time. Business travel? We’ll ensure that there is a reliable Wi-Fi connection for you. Family travel? Only child-friendly venues will be suggested. Let us take care of every aspect so that you can focus on doing what you deserve – to relax.


Travel Fixers: If you have issues while travelling, our planners are here to help resolve them. Oaklands’ travel planners are your advocate for getting hotel, airline or car rental matters sorted in a jif.

Let Oaklands’ in-house travel department assist with all your travel requirements, including flights (domestic and international), transfers, car hire, tours and travel insurance as well as pre- and post-Oaklands accommodation. Book travel and get your personal planner.