Natural Healing with Permaculture and Herbs

Your permaculture garden doesn’t need chemicals to thrive, and neither should you! Steer clear of commercial meds and go ‘au natural’ instead. Your garden herbs just might have the healing powers you need to get you back on your feet.

Healing Herbs of Permaculture

You know what they say about an apple a day… But a little extra greenery in your garden won’t hurt – in fact, it might even heal! By greenery, we mean herbs: Mother Nature’s get well gift that not only help us fight our bodies’ battles and flavour our foods, but work wonders in permaculture gardens by attracting insects and deterring pests. 

Grow Your Own Medicine

Fight everyday ailments the natural way with these herbs:

A Rub of Rosemary

Brewed or bruised, rosemary is a must-have herb for easing common ailments. Sore muscles? A rosemary-infused oil rub will reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and leave you smelling good enough to eat, while rosemary tea aids with headaches and digestive problems. Also, planting it alongside beans, broccoli, cabbage, carrots and chilli peppers will help these veggies flourish.

Wake Up and Smell the Lavender

Lavender’s powerful scent has been used in perfumes and massage oils for centuries, but this herb’s aromas have health benefits too. For one, it helps you relax – its scent slows down your heart rate and reduces blood pressure, which has a drowsing effect. So if you struggle with sleep, put a thick bunch in a vase on your bedside table and you’ll be dreaming of the French countryside in no time. Moths or mice wreaking havoc on your permaculture garden? Lavender will also keep these pests away.

Cough-Busting Thyme

Thyme works wonders for the common cold and – you’ll like this one – hangovers. When drunk as a herbal tea, thyme has a soothing effect on sore throats and coughs by relaxing spasms in the bronchial passages. Growing cabbage, corn and tomatoes? Keep cabbage worms, earworms, hornworms out of them respectively with thyme companion planting.
There’s more to the humble herb than flavour! Watch this space for other natural remedies you can reap from your permaculture garden.