Oaklands’ Drakensberg Winter

The Drakensberg winter is often quite a unique sight in the South African landscape. This expansive area offers many surprises for those who dare to venture out in spite of the blistering chill…
True to nature, it has already started snowing in the Drakensberg, with heavy snow on top of mountain peaks. We definitely can expect thicker cover and lower freezing temperatures as we draw deeper into the winter.
Oaklands In Winter

While the weather may be extremely cold it doesn’t freeze activities at Oaklands Country Manor. You can still enjoy your weekend or holiday unwinding while appreciating all our regular activities, from horse riding, fishing, hiking, mountain bike riding, bird watching and more. The best time for a Drakensberg winter escape lies roughly around May to the end of August.
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Hike Through The Snow

If you’re looking for a fun adventure while braving the low temperatures where you can build snowmen, make snow angels and throw snowballs around then look no further than the Drakensberg.
It may surprise many, but hiking remains one of the popular choices of activities to explore during this period. It’s also very important to remember that the hiking trails in and around the property accommodate climbers of all levels, so you can bring the whole family or challenge yourself with friends.
Winter comes with the possibility of snow and no rain, allowing you to better plan your trip than you could in summer. Remember to bring the correct equipment.

Capture Snow-Capped Mountains

The winter mountainous landscape offers photographers ample opportunities to take the perfect image at just the right angle. Capture the bright starry Drakensberg sky and catch the sunrise glistening off the top of snow-capped mountain peaks at daybreak. The Drakensberg has running waterfalls and ice waterfalls all in one expansive area during the winter. The diversity of the landscapes is breathtaking and is quite a site to capture on camera.
When packing for your trip is it’s important to remember to pack light if you plan on taking a hike. Depending on the height ascending, movement can be pretty difficult with heavy gear or bag. You don’t want to sacrifice vital resources, such as water or luxuries.