Oaklands Introduces a New Lifestyle

Our unique culture is something we nurture and appreciate with the intention of sharing it with those we come across. Our community and our guests have had the opportunity to embrace and become part of our culture, and the results speak for themselves.
At Oaklands we’re constantly finding better ways to bring you closer to the good health and lifestyle you’ve envisioned for yourself. Yes, the task isn’t always easy and demands a lot of work to maintain our standards. However, we find that simplicity and relying on nature to provide us with all we need are enough to bring guests back to our beautiful location, time and time again.

The Oaklands Whey Philosophy

We have activated a plan to stimulate and sustain a way of living that is truly regenerative for our community as well as our guests. We realise that the modern food industry with its processed goods isn’t adequately providing for the health needs of consumers, our guests and community.
In 2015, we spearheaded a twenty-year permaculture design project. This process sprouted the main garden and the restaurant’s vegetable garden. It also led to the development of the food gardens across our beautiful village, providing a sustainable income to members of our close-knit community.
This initiative is one of the few ways we bring the regenerative philosophy of living, and a sustainable lifestyle sensitive to the environment to both our guests and community. We have also introduced and implemented a natural process to decompose organic food waste that provides necessary nutrients for growth to plants and produce. The process has been successfully used at Oaklands for the past eight years and has proven to save water and energy, and organically rebuilds the soil.

The Cultured Whey

This new philosophy has led to the production of Culture Whey products. This is a range of fermented medicine foods that aids in creating intestinal flora and maintaining good gut health. Organic food is put through a process called lacto-fermentation, where bacteria sugar and starch combine and react to create colourful nutrient enriched dishes and beverages.
Made by Caroline, through a passion focused on the benefits of organic produce on gut health, she mainly creates kombucha vinegar, beet kvaas and raw organic krauts.
Oaklands Country Manor has devoted plenty of time in developing and implementing the new philosophy and ensuring that it translates to an improved health and living for guests and our close-knit community. Find out more about our produce on our dedicated food page.