Oaklands Reaches For Another Accolade With HotelsCombined

We just can’t help it, all we do is win in the travel and luxury accommodation business. We just received another globally recognised accolade to gloat about.
The Internationally recognised Australian meta search engine recently announced Oaklands Country Manor as the winner of the 2016 Recognition of Excellence mark. This is an acknowledgement of our ability to consistently uphold high standards of customer satisfaction regardless of our guests’ demands, preferences or tastes. Offering luxury accommodation, we cater for every eventuality with guests that book their stay with us, whether it’s for a weekend, an extended holiday or en-route to a business meeting.

HotelsCombined Approved

HotelsCombined conducted extensive data research and analysis of customer opinions across the Internet. The company has far-reaching and in-depth data showing a positive review trend by guests that have experienced our amazing services.
“Specifically to date, we found and processed 182 opinions that your guests have posted,” stated HotelsCombined. “These reviews appeared on a variety of different websites, forums, and social media, resulting in an incredible score of 9.3 out of a possible 10.”
Our website and luxury accommodation establishment is proud of its newly attained HotelsCombined mark of approval. This accomplishment only further serves in strengthening our dedication to achieving more scores of endorsements from online communities and the general travel and accommodation industry.
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Just the Beginning

While the first half of 2016 has proved fruitful, we intend on adding to what we’ve built by adapting and enhancing the “Oaklands experience” with consistent updates. Planned improvements are ahead across our organic meals and beverages offering. Additionally, we’re in the process of developing a new wellness and rejuvenation package catering to those intent on travelling to advance, boost and develop their health.
We’re constantly adapting to changing online and industry trends in our attempt to keep abreast of the needs of travellers that make it to the beautiful Drakensberg year after year. Go to our luxury accommodation Travel Packages page to find the experience best suited for you.