Here at Oaklands, we’re busy promoting sustainable living all year round. Winter certainly hasn’t broken our stride as we start something new.
Oaklands’ rich history dates back to 1860, when it was bought by an English millionaire – presented as a gift to his wife.  A lush forest once covered the expansive Drakensberg property that is now cradled by boundless plains and hills. While much has changed through the years, our team is committed to preserving this picturesque backdrop for future generations.


We take pride in our surroundings and are deeply invested in our environment and immediate community. We’ve taken confident steps to not only plough back into our society by creating employment opportunities but also empower locals with gardening skills that improve livelihoods and protect the breathtaking setting.


Above and beyond our on-going permaculture initiative the property also plays host to a production garden. It will supply the Oaklands Production Kitchen. The facility aims to create a line of immune-boosting health products using increasingly popular techniques. A garden bed infrastructure has been put in place with the first crops to be planted in spring.


We have brought in experts in the field of gardening and permaculture to assist us and our community in creating a production garden that will sufficiently supply the needs of the production kitchen with ease.
Bruce Haynes from #Habitatadapt is working with us to manage the production garden. During his stay, he has trained locals in farming resulting in their employment.
Horses at Oaklands Drakensber
Work on the Oaklands production garden started in April. Dumisani Gama, Xolani Mavuso and Philani got involved on a temporary basis. The team started with fencing, irrigation and put in as many beds as possible without compromising the soil.
Sustainable Living Workers
Tshotsho, who got involved in the first phase of the production garden in April is now under our permanent employment. We’re fortunate to have his help.
Final Photo 3
With a full complement of 30 staff members, we are focused on improving the lives of those who live in our community. We will continue to do this through skills development in gardening, while sharing our passion for sustainable living to assist in safeguarding this captivating scenery.