The Benefits of Fermented Foods

So Oaklands’ fermented foods have caught your eye, but you’re a bit nervous to give them a try? Throw away those fungi fears because fermentation has plenty of health benefits!

Flavourful Fermentation

Flavour is one of the benefits of fermented foods. Low and behold, some of your favourite foods are probably fermented. If you love things like cheese, yoghurt or bread, you’ve already won the battle. These are probably the most accessible on fermented spectrum – with bread and dairy being household staples and all. Don’t think twice – that cheese is nice!

Oaklands benefits of Fermentation

Some of the benefits of fermented foods include:


Mighty Microbes

See, our bodies depend on an army of microbes – tiny organisms – that govern our day-to-day bodily functions like metabolism, immune system, brain function, mood and weight. This body colony is called the microbiome, and without it, we would die.

Beneficial Bacteria

For our body’s microbiome to function optimally, it needs to have a balance of bad and good (probiotic) bacteria. It’s when your body lacks this balance that you feel sad, get sick and struggle with weight. If that’s you, you’re in luck: fermented foods have plenty of good bacteria!

Boosts your Immune System

Roughly 80% of your immune system is found in the gut, so what you eat has a huge impact on how you feel. Since your immune system is your body’s defence against disease, a healthy dose of probiotics a day will keep the doctor at bay.

Oaklands benefits of fermented foods

Digest and Detox

Fermentation aids digestion. The bacteria feed off natural sugars and carbohydrates in foods, turning them into acids and alcohols. This pre-digestion makes it easier for the gut to digest food. Also, fermented foods are some of the best detoxes as they draw toxins and heavy metals out of your system. Plus, fermented foods are a rich source of nutrients and vitamins – bonus!

Culture Your Way to Healthy Living

A healthy gut leads to a healthier lifestyle. You could boost your body the artificial way – by probiotic pill popping. Or balance your system the natural way – by eating fermented foods!
Still skeptical? We’re working on some fermented additions to the Oaklands menu, so visit us soon and give yourself a healthy kick in the gut!