The Benefits of Permaculture Gardens

Calling all aspiring eco-warriors! Come take a leaf out of Oaklands’ permaculture book. We’ve got loads of gardening tips that’ll benefit both you and the environment!

Gardening Made Easy

If you’re looking to grow a garden minus the effort, then permaculture is your answer. Once they’re established, these gardens pretty much take care of themselves. The real labour is only in the groundwork. By choosing plants that serve specific functions, your garden can attract the right insects, deter pests, nourish the soil and put food on your table. It’s low maintenance, organic gardening that self-regulates, which means you can kiss harmful pesticides and chemical fertilisers goodbye!


Clean Environment, Clear Conscience

Permaculture practices allow you to reduce, reuse, recycle and be resourceful. This is because nothing in permaculture gardens is wasted, from plant matter to energy to water. Turn garden waste into compost, recycle your bathwater or collect rain to water your garden, and replant seeds to increase its yield year after year.


Benefits for Your Body

Other than the environmental benefits of permaculture, edible garden produce will give your body a healthy boost. By planting herbs, vegetables and fruit, you can add organic, fresh food to your diet, harvested in your own backyard. Not only will this save you time and money (because you’ve ruled out trips to the shop), but it will also reduce your carbon footprint.

Permaculture Empowers Communities

Permaculture will do wonders for your lifestyle, but it can also be used to benefit local communities. Oaklands Country Manor’s permaculture initiative was launched to empower the rural Drakensberg communities, where a lack of service delivery and nutritional food sources is a massive problem.
Go on. Plant a permaculture garden and give back to the environment, give your lifestyle a healthy kick and clear your conscience.