Winter Baiting Tips for Fishing in the Drakensberg

With well-stocked dams and rivers, the Northern Drakensberg has established itself as a firm fishing favourite – even in winter! But it’s no easy feat. Here are a few baiting tips for the perfect catch…

Fishing in the Drakensberg

The Drakensberg, riddled with rivers and fresh water dams, is home to a thriving community of trout, bass and carp making it the perfect destination for fly-fishing. In the North, where Oaklands Country Manor is located, you’ll find plenty of trout (brown and rainbow) and bass on hand.
Full of energy, bass fish offer quite the challenge – even to the most seasoned fisherman – but the reward of catching this silver trophy makes it worth the effort. Bass, on the other hand, bite less when it’s chilly, but they’ll nibble if you’re willing to wait with your bait.
Keep in mind, the dams on our grounds only stock bass. Of course, a short drive to neighbouring areas will lead you to a feistier crowd.

Need for Speed

If you’re looking for a thrilling experience, trout is the way to go. This type of fish thrives in cold water. Winter also happens to be spawning season, which means their hormones are pumping enhancing their fiery nature. And with breeding comes feeding, so trout will hardly need baiting. “So where’s the challenge?” you ask.
Well, just because they bite doesn’t mean they get caught. They’re fast little buggers, so you’ll have to pull out all the angling stops to catch these fish. Make sure you’re well stocked with bait, as continuous casting will be the order of the day.

Waiting with (Bait)ed Breath

If it’s relaxation you’re after, bass fishing at Oaklands is the way to go. Simply cast out, chill out and enjoy that flask of cocoa. Cold weather turns this popular sport into a slow-paced waiting game, which happens to be perfect for mastering your angling art.
When the Drakensberg winter sets in, bass tend to descend to the depths, lazing along the dam floor and feed less aggressively to preserve their energy. So cast your bait in deeper water to increase your chances of a catch. And remember you’re fishing in deeper, darker water – lure them in with visible, bright baits. You can also draw their attention with slight vibrations of the fishing line.
Don’t forget Oaklands’ catch-and-release policy… please return the bass to the waters.
Experience the thrill of the chase or sit back and relax with fly-fishing in the Drakensberg this winter. What a rewarding experience making a catch is!